Short-term consultancy for the 2013 MOPAN Common Approach

Universalia, a Canadian-based consulting firm, is looking for local consultants to support the implementation of a survey for the Multilateral Organisation Performance Assessment Network (MOPAN) between mid-February and April 2013. The consultants must reside in one of the following countries: Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Indonesia, Mozambique, Pakistan, Thailand, or Vietnam.

MOPAN is a network of 17 donor countries with a common interest in assessing the effectiveness of the major multilateral organisations which they fund. Every year, MOPAN assesses a select number of multilateral organisations in several countries, gathering, over time, a mix of qualitative and quantitative data on each organisation’s effectiveness. The assessment process is based on the collection of data primarily through an online survey and a review of documents published by the multilateral organisations.

The in-country consultants are expected to support the survey implementation process by following up with selected respondents to encourage them to fill in the survey. This follow up may take one of two forms:

  • Telephone or face-to-face interaction to ask survey respondents to fill in the questionnaire they have been sent;
  • Telephone or face-to-face structured interviews with the survey respondents in the local languages of the country in order to fill in the survey form with them.

Following the structured interview, the consultant will enter the survey responses into the online questionnaire in either English, Spanish or Portuguese, depending on the languages in use in the country in which they are based.

The in-country  consultants contracted for this project are expected to be available for 10 to 15 days of work spread out throughout the mid-February-end of April period and to have 5-10 years of recognized expertise in evaluation or audit (conducting or managing), and/or in social science research. Please click on the link to the terms of reference below for additional information on this consultancy:

Terms of reference for Local Consultants 2013


For those of you who are interested, please note that MOPAN shares its assessments of multilateral organisations on its website, along with each organisation’s response. Reports on the AfDB, GAVI, UNAIDS, UNICEF, UNDP and the World Bank are expected to be released in December 2012.

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