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The Secret to Effective Communications

Today’s blog post comes to us courtesy of Jon Druker, whose insightful blog The Secret Sauce to Leadership & Managing discusses how to use good judgement and people skills to be able to ‘manage any empire’. The text below is a condensed version of his post Great Leaders Have Great Communications Skills.

Great Communications Plans

Any great leader, regardless of whether it is someone who leads a sports team, an non-profit, a company, a team of developers, a team of kids, or a teacher, has to have great communications plans.
Equally important, a great leader has to push the communications out, and not be reluctant to give news, be it good or bad. This demonstrates a proactive approach to radical transparency and honesty with the people from whom you need buy-in.

BlogHere are my tips for communications plans that I think were well executed:

  • Localize the content of your messages where possible: Many places use English as the default language, but to get the hearts and minds of your people, speaking to them in their own language goes a long way to getting buy-in. And it shows respect and attention to detail. There are many costs associated with this, but it is worth it.
  • Use low context language: Speak or write in as simple language as you can, and don’t be too technical. Use the most direct language possible. Avoid euphemisms. Analogies, however, are great to get a message across but try to make it a universal analogy if you can. Not easy.
  • Use visuals where appropriate: Graphs, charts and presentations are good to explain facts, videos are also good if they are uncomplicated and not context specific. Try Prezi or Videoscribe. I love both of them.

By Jon Druker

Follow Jon Druker on Twitter @stankotibor or read his blog The Secret Sauce to Leadership & Managing

Photos: Jamie Welsh on Flickr; Cyonar Online

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